Electricity Bill gives current shocks to Adani Power consumers


Consumers of Adani Power (formerly Reliance Power) in Mumbai were shocked to receive highly inflated electricity bills in June 2020. Due to pandemic lockdown, electricity suppliers did not do meter reading for April and May 2020. Instead, they sent ‘assessed’ bills wherein electricity consumption was billed at previous month consumption.

Now, summer months of April and May have peak electricity consumptions in Mumbai. Additional usage of cooling devices like fans, refrigerators, and air conditions boosts consumed units . Moreover, lockdown forced people to stay at home further increasing electricity usage.

In June 2020, power companies did meter reading to derive actual consumption for March to June 2020. Amongst city’s three power distribution companies, government owned BEST and Tata Power allocated 3 months total consumption units to April, May and June bill equally. However, Adani Power billed the differential consumption in June itself escalating billing woes of its consumers.

Residential electricity usage is charged slab-wise with initial 100 units charged at Rs1.60 per unit which gradually rises to Rs10 per unit beyond 500 units. Thus, bunching of excess consumption of previous three months in single bill skewed energy calculation charges. This caused disproportionate rise in electricity bill for June 2020.

While BEST and Tata Power have been praised for their diligent and fair billing practices, consumers of Adani Power are up in arms against the company. Given consumers fury there is high likelihood to Adani Power recalculating its tarrifs to placate its customers.

For our readers in Mumbai, if you are Adani Power consumers please thoroughly check your electricity bills for previous three months. If you find similar bunching of units as discussed in this article, do share your concern with Adani’s customer care and demand for readjusted bills.

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