Are you using Paytm or Google Pay. Be Careful !!!

Life Hacks

By sending messages to update the KYC or get an upgrade debit or credit card the fraudsters are extracting millions of rupees from the account. New methods are being used for cybercrime by Indians these days. Fraud is being done with mobile apps and QR codes. A town named Jhamtada of Jharkhand state is gaining popularity for committing such crimes.

If you use Paytm, Google Pay or Phone and if a message arrives to update KYC on mobile, then do not accidentally call the number given in it. Otherwise, someone can withdraw money from your account. Such fraud have increased in the last few months. Since January 2020 alone, hundreds of cases have been filed in different police stations of India.


Arvind Kumar, who reached the cyber cell office, said that he uses Google. On Friday, he got a call in which fraudster said that ‘I am your brother’s friend. I am sending you a link, click on it, ten thousand rupees will come to your account, you withdraw it and give to your brother’. As soon as Arvind clicked on the link, 10,000 rupees were withdrawn from his account.


Sarvesh Singh, District President of Primary Teachers Association(PTA) uses Paytm account. A few days ago they got a message that their KYC is not updated on Paytm, update the KYC within 24 hours or else their account will be closed. But, due to awareness, he did not call the number given on the message, which saved him from being cheated.

Increment in monetary cyber frauds

Cyber fraud has increased for the last few months. Fraudsters are withdrawing money from people’s accounts through QR codes, KYC and links.

Cheating like this The fraudsters get the details of the activated account and their debit card from the payment bank or Paytmay payment bank for two thousand rupees. After that, they put the bank’s toll-free number and customer service number on the social sites page. When a customer calls, the members of the KYC update get the remote support app downloaded from the people. He is then asked to make a two-rupee transaction from the account. At the same time, the details of his accounts are received. After which this money is withdrawn from the customer’s account. Apart from this, by transferring the UPI message forward to a number of the bank, the money is transferred to the bank’s accounts and withdrawn. 

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