Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are generally considered synonymous, but this is not true. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial intelligence means – intellectual ability developed in an artificial (artificial) way. AI in brief is developing a machine that has the ability to think, understand, and take decisions. Artificial intelligence is amongst the list of […]

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What is FIntech

What is FinTech? A Modern Day Boon!

What are the future trends in technology? Do you exactly know what is Fintech??? What will be some consistent in-demand professions in the information technology industry in the near future, now that everything is handheld with a device? Here is the key…….. Undoubtedly, this is high time when transcending professionals should develop and align their […]

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Tidal Locking

Why can’t we see the other side of the Moon? Though, the Moon rotates on its axis?

The moon takes 27.3 days to revolve around the earth. It also takes 27.3 days to cut one round of its axis. Because of this, only one part of it is almost always towards the earth that we see. Moon is the only satellite of our planet Earth. Scientists believe that around 4.5 billion years […]

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Rama Bridge Science, story and truth

Rama Setu: Story, Truth and Science behind the Stones  

The bridge is 35 kilometers in length and 3 kilometers in width. (1:10 Ratio Approx.) Currently, it is 10 meters in depth The bridge was completed by the monkey army in only 5 days Ramsetu is internationally known as ‘Edames Bridge’. According to the Hindu religious text Ramayana, it is a bridge that was built […]

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Oxygen in Space

How Do Astronauts Breath in Space Station and Outer Space?

Astronauts (the driver and passenger themselves) who visit the space have to undergo so many difficulties. They need to be expert in all the aspects of space science and technology.  We have an abundance of oxygen for breathing on the earth up to 80kms. Above which, no one can hear you talking, because there’s no […]

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Whatsapp Forward Message

अब एक ही व्यक्ति को forward कर सकेंगे WhatsApp मैसेज

कोरोनोवायरस महामारी से संबंधित गलत सूचना फैलने पर काबू पाने के लिए, WhatsApp ने मंगलवार को कहा कि वह अब messages को forward करने की नई सीमा तय करेगा। आज से, ऐसे messages जिन्हें “most forward” के रूप में पहचाना गया है – जो पांच या अधिक लोगों की श्रृंखला के माध्यम से भेजे गए […]

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What is Virus and Bacteria? Know the difference here

Viruses Viruses are unicellular microorganisms that can only grow offspring in a living cell. They are formed from nucleic acids and proteins; outside the body, they are dead-like but alive inside the body. They can be assembled as crystals. A virus cannot reproduce without any live medium. They are dead outside the cell, but when […]

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Video Streaming Apps will now stream videos in SD quality

Under lockdown scenario and unexpected surge in mobile data consumption in India, the digital video streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and others have finalized to lower the bitrates to 480 pixels (SD Quality). Video streaming application service operators viz. Amazon Prime, Netflix,  Hotstar and other service providers, have collectively made up the mind […]

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Four Asteroids are Coming Towards Earth on 21 and 23 March, Says NASA

NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) found two asteroids approaching Earth or near space, but thankfully, the possibility of disruption is equally NIL. NASA’s CNEOS also states that on March 21 and 23, two couples of (In toto four) asteroids will approach Earth proximity show have a fly effect. The farthest asteroid will be […]

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