COVID-19 Count

Coronavirus Count touches 12,74,031. USA has 25% Cases of 207 Countries


The whole world is bearing the pain of the unstoppable strike of the Coronavirus attack. As of April 06, 2020, there are 12,74,031 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 and 69,468 deaths across 208 countries and territories across the globe. Spain is now holding the second position in the list. 

COVID-19 ACTIVE CASES  – 939,730

In Mild Condition – 8,94,139 (95%) 

Serious or Critical – 45,591 (5%)

COVID-19 CLOSED CASES  – 3,34,301 

Recovered / Discharged – 264,833 (79% of closed cases)

Deaths –  69,468 (21%)


COVID-19 Count

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List of top 10 countries on the basis of COVID-19 positive cases and deaths:

The below table may help you understand the situation of the top 10 countries with higher COVID-19 cases and deaths respectively. 81% of coronavirus cases worldwide have been reported in these ten countries only.

COVID-19 Country wise count


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