Top 10 Covid-19 countries

COVID-19: Confirmed Cases over 3 Millions Worldwide. Find Top 10 Affected Countries Here


The coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting 212 countries and territories across the globe. There are 2 international conveyances Diamond Princess and MS Zaandam cruise ships standing at the seashore to treat the patients inside it. Surprisingly, China is not amongst the Top 10 corona affected countries. India is in the 16th position with 35,043 confirmed cases.

The coronavirus confirmed cases worldwide have crossed 3 Milion counts with 3,308,901 cases and 234,139 deaths. Whereas, 1,042,995 cases have been recovered to date.

97% of total active cases i.e. 1,980,830 cases are in mild condition and rest 3% i.e. 50,937 are in critical or serious condition. 

On deducting the total closed cases from the confirmed cases we conclude that effective confirmed cases of corona in the world across all countries are 2,031,767.  

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List of Top 10 Countries having higher COVID-19 confirmed cases:


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