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Many people across the globe do not care about charging time and charging percentage of their mobile’s battery. Often, people put their mobile on charge for the whole night by not knowing the adverse effect of this practice. Here, we will tell you about the best practices to be adopted in order to charge your mobile phone’s battery and extend its performance and life.

People often think that the mobile phone’s battery should be charged when it is completely drained, which is a wrong fact. It is also not the fact that your phone’s battery will stop performing well if you charge it many times a day. It is not applications and data that causes the battery to drain fast, sometimes our charging strategy may also affect the battery icon to show drastically down levels. If you desire to get the maximum throughput from your mobile’s battery you really need to change certain things.

Overcharging: A Bad Habit

According to experts, when your phone is completely charged, you should immediately cut off the charging cable from the phone. Means, overcharging is a bad habit. It reduces the battery life. Battery undergoes high stress after getting charged completely. Not only it impacts battery backup but it also increases the chances of battery explosion.

Battery Charging Percentage

Lithium-ion batteries should never be fully charged. There are two theories of battery charging percentage:

  • Theory 1 – Battery should be charged max to 90% and should not be drained below 10%.
  • Theory 2 – Battery should be charged max to 80% and should not be drained below 40%.

None of the theory is wrong, but it is observed that the acceptance and execution of Theory 1 is easier than Theory 2.

Temperature Affects the Battery

Try to keep your mobile phone’s temperature as low as possible. At high-temperature battery drains drastically. Try not to use thick covers for mobile phones. Do not expose the mobile phone to sunlight for a long span.

Use Electric Point Charger than USB Ports

Mobile phone batteries show fast charging through electric traditional chargers than USB port charging connected through a laptop or computer.  Even on Apple’s phone, the recommendation is given in manual to charge the phone using electric point chargers for fast charging.

All Chargers are Not Same

Always use the charger supplied with your handset. Although your phone can be charged with any of the compatible chargers, but remember, all chargers are not the same. You can find different voltage and current output ratings written on the chargers. A charger that gives 2 Amps output current, charges the phone faster than the charger having 1 Amp output current. It is observed that the people who use chargers supplied with the phone, gets maximum out of the battery in terms of performance and life.


Acting smartly may always save you money and time. If you really love your mobile phone, want to make maximum out of it, avoid the situation of searching a charging point everywhere, follow the above-mentioned guidelines and stay happy. 

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