Crimae and Violence in Lockdown

Domestic Violence Rises And Crime Rate Falls Across Globe During Lockdown


One-third of the world population is under lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Countries like India, France, China, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom have implemented the most restrictive mass quarantines. As a result of which, the crime rate is observed to be fallen down. On the other side, domestic violence cases have been increased worldwide.     

India: Crime rate decline over the past month

  • From the beginning of Yr 2020, the total number of crimes reported in Delhi is 1,890 which is half of the figure reported in the same period of 2019 which was 3,416.
  • Delhi and Karnataka saw the sharpest 50% fall across the nation during the lockdown.
  • Woman molestation cases dropped to 50% as compared to the previous year (72 from 144).
  • The number of kidnappings dropped to 150 from 259. (42% drop)
  • Robberies cases declined to 53 from 109. (52% drop)
  • Motor vehicle thefts to 1,243 from 1,982. (38% drop)

Even deaths due to accidents have come down to almost zero. In Kerala state, the lockdown has decreased the illicit business activities.

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Crime in Lockdown

The United Kingdom sees drops in crime but rises in domestic violence

  • In the UK, crime has fallen by 28% since the lockdown.
  • The alliance sees a 37% drop in burglary and about 27% drop in vehicle crime, serious assault, and personal robbery.
  • On the other hand, there is a 3% increase in reports of domestic violence across the nation.
  • According to police reports, there had been a 59% rise in reports of antisocial behavior.

Romania: 14.6% drops in crime rate, but a 2.3% increase in domestic violence

In March, the coronavirus lockdown has led to a drop in the overall crime rate in Romania, but the domestic violence cases have increased during the same period.

  • Romanian observes 14.6% drops in crimes comparing the data in the same period last year.
  • Thefts and robberies cases declined to about 20% in March itself.
  • The violent crime rate decreased by 27% year-on-year in March 2020
  • Attempted murder cases decreased by almost 33%.
  • Domestic violence reports have increased by 2.3% during the same period.

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South Africa: Minister says thanks to lockdown for crime rate drops

  • In SA, the cases of murders plummeted to 94 from 326 over the same period last year.
  • Ministers consider the non-availability of alcohol, a prime reason to decrement in crime across the nation.
  • Reported rape cases fell by 86% from 699 to 101.

Nepal: Valley’s crime rate dropped by 65 percent in the past 20 days  

The Crime rate in the Kathmandu Valley has dropped significantly during the lockdown period. There has been no serious crime in the last 20 days in Nepal.

  • Since the nationwide lockdown in Nepal, started on March 24, the Valley has recorded only 105 cases.  Many of these cases were banking offences, and incidental and suicidal deaths.
  • Ten days preceding the lockdown, police had recorded 296 cases.
  • Valley’s crime rate has dropped by more than 65 percent in the past 20 days.

Will these drops be Short-term Benefits?

This fact cannot be denied that the decrement in crime and increment is domestic violence is the outcome of lockdown only. Such figures and fashion may act, like a bubble as a result of the knock of the pandemic. However, this would also be the responsibility of the officials of the country to continue showing the same figures after we win the battle against the pandemic and lockdown is released.    

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