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Face Masks: Do not wear in these situations


Do you believe that the face masks you wear will protect you in every situation? There is no adverse effect associated with the face masks?  The COVID-19 protection protocol suggests the use of face masks and people across the globe are cautious about compliance too. But, a new study has revealed that the face masks should not be used under certain circumstances.

The use of mask unintelligently may invite health trouble. On April 23 last month, a driver in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, hit his car in a pole and blamed his face mask for the accident. He told police that he lost his balance and collided due to wearing the N95 mask for a long time.

Carbon Dioxide Toxicity and Face Masks

Using the mask during hard physical activity might result in health issues.

Re-breathing your own exhaled CO2 by wearing a face mask continually results in an increased level of CO2 in the body. In medical terms it is called Hypercapnia or Carbon Dioxide Toxicity. Over-tightening the mask and physical exercise can increase the probability of Carbon Dioxide Toxicity in your body.

face mask during exercise

According to Bill Carroll, an assistant professor of chemistry at Indiana University, Bloomington, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is usually 0.04 percent, but if the same amount is 10 percent or more, it can be fatal.

Bill Carroll also states that CO2 controls the pH of the blood. Blood becomes very acidic due to excess CO2. As the blood becomes acidic, the body demands oxygen and in the absence of it, problems like seizures start.

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Dangers of Facemask

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), prolonged use of face masks can be dangerous in many cases.

As per the recent news, runner’s lung collapses while jogging with the face mask. Covering face by anything during a workout like running jogging and brisk walk makes you uncomfortable. Doctors now warn NOT to wear masks during exercise. What happens if you one wears face mask during physical activity: 

  1. Oxygen in the blood reduces
  2. Oxygen to the brain reduces
  3. You start feeling weak
  4. May lead to death

face mask during exercise

As this may result in the reduction of oxygen supplies into the brain, this may also cause below mentioned symptoms:    


  • Dimmed sight


  • Drowsiness
  • Mild Narcosis
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Unconsciousness


  • Sweating


  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure


  • Breath shortness


  • Tremor


  • Reduced hearing

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Precautions while wearing Face Mask

  • Mask should be avoided during jogging or any physical activity.
  • Wearing masks and not maintaining social distancing will not stop the spread of the virus. Thus, social distancing should be practiced.
  • It is advisable to wear a protective mask in public if you suspect you are infected or someone you are caring for.
  • Mask should not be worn the whole day but should be worn when you are outside.
  • Pull the face mask off when you are alone.
  • There is no need of wearing a mask while you are driving alone in the car with AC on.
  • Do not use it at home, if you are alone.
  • Be sure to use it in a crowded place.
  • Use it when in close contact with one or more people.
  • Don’t use face mask during hard physical activity.

Wrapping Up

Masks must be worn outside, at public places, and in the crowd as well during this pandemic situations.  But wearing masks during workouts and the whole day may pose serious issues to your health.

If you tie a plastic bag on the mouth, you can fight with the coronavirus, but the reason for breathlessness can be lost. The N95 mask is better for health workers, but if you are using it, do not do it for a long time. Do not use the N95 mask while running or walking fast. This can be dangerous for you. Avoid wearing tight masks.

It should not be worn the whole day but should be when you are outside. We must cover the mouth, nose during a walk or run, but not with a face mask that has multiple cloth layers.  

Think about medical professionals, they are wearing it the whole day while working with patients. If it had been dangerous, they would have found some other alternative. Think about grocery store workers who are wearing it the whole day, they would have died by now.

You should use a mask that is loose but able to cover the mouth and nose properly. Homemade masks are much better, as they will not cause trouble in breathing.

Also use a cotton cloth to make masks at home. Avoid wearing masks made of terylene cloth. If you have trouble breathing after wearing the mask, remove the mask and rest in a safe place.

Stay Safe !!!!

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