Farmers can sell directly Interstate and E-trade

Farmers can sell directly, Interstate and E-trade


In the third installment of rs. 20 Lakh crore relief package under the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision, Finance Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman and Minister of Finance (State) declared packages to strengthen infrastructure and logistics sectors and implement governance and administrative reforms. They offered packages for farmers, animal husbandry stakeholders, fish and marine farmers especially. She announced that farmers can sell their product directly, Interstate and E-trade.

In the beginning, the Finance Minister told:

  • Small and medium farmers hold 85% of the farming sector.
  • India is the largest producer of milk, jute, pulses (Dals) in the world.
  • We are 2nd largest in sugarcane,  groundnut, fisheries production in the world.
  • During the lockdown, the government bought 560 lakh liter milk per day. Previously, the government was purchasing 360 lakh liters of milk per day.
  • Registration of shrimp hatcheries facilities and aquaculture is extended by 3 months.

Agriculture Infrastructure and Capacity Building

Farmers Can Sell Directly, Interstate And E-Trade

FPOs and Agriculture Start-Ups

Rs. 1 Lakh crore for FPOs and agriculture start-ups to strengthen the farm gate infrastructure.

Nutritional and Organic Products

Rs. 10000 (Ten Thousand) crore for micro industries that deal with food to enhance the global reach from local. A cluster wise approach would be incorporated to produce Health & Wellness, nutritional, organic products. Like, Bihar can produce Makhana, Kashmir- Kesar, North-east- Bamboo, Telangana-Turmeric, Andrapradesh-Chillis, etc. This will benefit around 2 Lakh enterprises.

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Marine and Aquaculture

Under Matsya Sampada Yojna, Rs 20,000 crores are provided to encourage activities related to marine and aquaculture. 11000 crore for production and 9000 crores for development of the sector. This would generate employment for 55 lakh people and increase exports to 1 Lakh crore. Personal and boat insurance would also be provided.

Vaccination of Livestock

India is the largest livestock bearing country. Foot and mouth diseases of animals, badly effected dairy and organic products in the past. Under the scheme, the government would vaccinate 100% of livestock. The government seeks to vaccinate almost 53 crore animals.

Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development

Animal Husbandry Infrastructure development Plan for Rs. 15000 crore. This would help in the development of Incentives for dairy industry plants and encourage the setting up of new cattle feed plants.

Herbal Cultivation

Rs. 40000 crore for promotion of herbal cultivation by cultivating medicinal plants. This will help generate Rs. 5000 crores of income for farmers. Both the banks of river Ganga will be used to cultivate such plants by the government.


Rs 500 crore for beekeeping. This would help in growing Cross-pollination. Almost 2 lakh bee-keepers will get its benefit. This would also increase the import of Honey, demanded globally.

Top to Total Scheme

under Top to Total Scheme of production of Tomatoes, Onions, Potatoes of Rs. 500 Crore, 50% subsidy on transportation and 50% of storage will be provided. This scheme will run on pilot mode for 6 months.

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Governance and Administration Reform

Farmers Can Sell Directly, Interstate And E-Trade

Amendment in Essential Commodity Act of 1955

In the Essential Commodity Act of 1955; Cereals, Edible oil, Oilseeds, Pulses, Onions and Potatoes will be completely deregulated. There will not be stock limits that will be imposed in the situation of crisis. This would increase the income of farmers.

Farmers will have Choices Sell Interstate or E-trade

Farmers can sell products without barriers even interstate and e-trade. This is to enable farmers to have adequate choices to sell at an attractive price.

Farmer to Practice Direct Sell

A standard mechanism of sale for farmers to ensure the receipt of the desired price. A legal framework will be designed to enable farmers to engage with processors, retails, exporters from the time he sows the seed. Thus, Farmers can sell directly, Interstate and E-trade.

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