Four Asteroids are Coming Towards Earth on 21 and 23 March, Says NASA

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NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) found two asteroids approaching Earth or near space, but thankfully, the possibility of disruption is equally NIL. NASA’s CNEOS also states that on March 21 and 23, two couples of (In toto four) asteroids will approach Earth proximity show have a fly effect. The farthest asteroid will be approx 30 lac kms away from Earth and the closest will approach come near to the Earth at a distance of 7 lacs kms, which is not really too far away in terms of space distance calculations (that is in light year) .

The four asteroids are named as:

  • 2020 FK
  • 2020 FS
  • 2020 DP4
  • 2020 FF1

The 2020 FK asteroid is the smallest one and nearly 43 feet in diameter traveling with the speed of 37,000 kmph. It is expected to come close to the earth at a distance of 13 lacs kilometers.

The 2020 FS is also quite small having a diameter of 56 feet only. Its space velocity is approximately 15,000 kmph. It is expected to fly by the Earth at nearly 30 lac kilometers. These two asteroids (2020FK and 2020FS) will approach Earth March 21 at 9:35AM IST and 8:59PM IST respectively.

On 23 March early morning, 2020 DP4 will fly by Earth. It is the largest of the four having 180 feet diameter and capable of holding12 limousines back to back. It will fly by our planet at 13 lacs kilometres’ distance with a velocity of 29,000 kmph. The 2020 FF1, is the second smallest of the four with a diameter of 48 feet only. Amongst four, it is the fastest with 47,000kmph speed and will fly by closest to Earth at about 7 lacs kilometers. The 2020 DP4 and 2020 FF1 will fly past March 23 12:04AM and 3:39AM respectively.

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