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Glowing Skin – One Week Challenge

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Want glowing skin ????? Read through the below tips and enjoy the feel of being shiny all the time. 

To get rid of open pores

Apply and massage with fresh aloe vera gel on face shrinks open pores.

For Massaging

Massage your face with a mix of lemon and curd. It gives you clear, bright and soft skin.

For Scrubbing

Apply and rub a mix of coffee powder and milk gently on your face. It removes dead skin cells.

For Glowing Skin

Apply a mix of tomato and aloe vera gel for 10 minutes, It brings a natural glow on the face.

For Fairer Skin

Rubbing a mix of orange peel powder and milk twice a day makes you fairer.

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  • Walk for 20 minutes daily Massage face with raw milk daily
  • Eat citrus fruit daily  
  • Drink a glass of warm water in the morning
  • Massage with aloe vera before sleeping
  • Wash your face with gram flour daily

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Best Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin

Performing the exercises shown in the below image for 20 sec (3 times) increases the blood circulation of your face. Hence, you get clear pinkish golden skin.

Master TIP for Healthy, Glowing and Fair Skin

Soak the towel in warm water and keep it on your face for 10 minutes. It increases blood circulation on the face and makes skin healthy and shining. Repeat the process once a week. 


Working on the above-mentioned tips consistently with discipline, you can get healthy, shiny skin. The importance of diet cannot be ignored. One should always take the 8 hours of sleep and eat healthy food to reflect his inner beauty on the face. So, start today with the resolution of achieving your birthright, the Bright Skin Texture.

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