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Mothers Day 2020: 10 different shades of the Mother, what is yours?


Hurrey!! its Mothers Day 2020 on-board.

Is Mother a relation older than any other relation in the world? Yes, of course!!!  She nurses and nourishes her child with the utmost care and responsibility. Mother is the woman authorized to give birth and create a new life.

Although motherhood is of one type, mothers can be of many. On Mothers day 2020, let’s have a look at 10 different shades of mothers on the basis of parenting techniques, habits, or nature. Don’t forget to comment below, which type of mom you are? 

1. The Social Mom

Mothers Day 2020: Social Media Mom

The mom who is very active socially feels energized when they make new friends and performs group chats regularly. She loves to talk about parenthood and compares the child. Generally, the child of such mommies has a lot of friends to play, chat and hang out with.

2. The Perfectionist Mom

Mothers Day 2020: Perfectionist Mom

Such mom wants their child to perform all the tasks in standard time. She fixes the schedule of the child and ends with shaping her child a Robot. She forces the child to complete class homework, lunch, dinner, etc. on time. A perfectionist mommy will ensure that no other things would disturb her child’s schedule call it guests, professional commitments etc. Even, she wants her child to be a perfectionist in all verticals of life together irrespective of the child’s age, time, competition, and skill level.

3. ‘I have the Supreme Kid in the World’: Media Mom

Mothers Day 2020: Types of MOM

Such mom feels that her child is extra-ordinary and no other kid can beat her kid. She loves to praise her child every time in front of others and social media. She spends much of her time talking about the kid. Even, she opens a social media account of the 2 years kid to give others a chance to like and throw a pleasant comment on her kid. She enjoys being in limelight due to her kid.

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4. Glamorous Mom
Mothers Day 2020: mom-kid Same Dress

Here comes a Mommy-Kid duo. Same dress, same attitude, and a feel of a healthy relationship. She seeks for duo wardrobes across the stores and opts for a unique style with her child. She always tries to sync the hairstyle, clothes, shoes to accessories, everything. Might be this is to prove that her child is her reflection only.

5. Mythical (Suuuuuuperstetios) Mom

Mothers Day 2020: superstitious mom

She loves to tell her kid a different story always. She has a list of shortfalls in the kids. If a kid is a topper in class, she will ignore and list down 10 other issues in her kid. She is superstitious and often uses mythological solutions to protect her child from the attack of negative energies.

6. Menu Card Mom

Mothers Day 2020: Cooking Mom

This type of mom loves to cook for her kid. She has a diet schedule for the kid and always forces her child to eat something. Loves to cook everything at home only. She does not order outside food, considering her food to be the most hygienic eatable thong in the world. She loves to spend long hours in the kitchen and her kids have the most healthy and full of food Tiffin in the whole class (Extra cutleries and paper napkins). Such moms also love to teach cooking skills to their kids.

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7. Always -Worrying Mom

Mothers Day 2020: worrying mom

Is my kid eating food at lunchtime? Are other kids screwing up my kid? Is my kid underweight? How should I make my kid strong?  Such mommies come under worried mom’s category. Such moms always spend maximum time at every PTM probing the teacher about her child and his performance. She even, stops at the door of the school to recall, if she has forgotten something to ask the teacher in PTM.

8. ‘Me-first’ Mom

Mothers Day 2020: selfish mom

She loves her kid but doesn’t care about kids’ priority in front of her own plans. It may be her kid’s test, homework, presentations; she would rarely postpone or cancel her plans. She wants her own space. The beautiful thing is, kids of such moms get independent faster than others in terms of potty training, studies, etc.

9. ‘Shopper Starts’ Mom

Mothers Day 2020: shopping mom and kid

We may call such mom as shopaholic mom. You can spot her more in malls or markets than at home. She has knowledge of all the online kids’ stores, brands. Sometimes she can help you with the address of newly opened stores. She is one who can suggest you, from where you may find the best and cheapest stuff for your kid. She also has very good relations with shopkeepers and always tries to maintain it to the fullest. Even, she doesn’t forget to ask for special discounts claiming her regular visits and purchases.

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10. The Best Friend Mom

Mothers Day 2020: kid and mom friend

This type of mom always tries to be with the kid. She sleeps, eats, cook, and sometimes even take baths with the kid. Sometimes shares her secrets with the kid. She loves to play with her kid outdoor and hates the interruption in their privacy. Both of them enjoy chit-chats.

EndNote: It doesn’t matter what type of mom you are; deep inside you love your kid the most.

Happy Mothers Day 2020!


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