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This IT Company Is Gifting Salary Hike and Allowances to Employees During Lockdown


Capgemini, a French IT company has approximately 1.2 Lakh employees in India. During the lockdown period, when people working in the various sectors have fear of losing their jobs, Capgemini had executed an out of the box step to support its employee in this tough time. The company has gifted the employees with a single-digit salary hike for 70% of its staff in India. That means, almost 84000 employees of the company will get benefits through this step of the company. The increment in the salary will be effective from 1 April 2020. It new is also floating in the IT market that other companies will also increase the salary of the staff in July 2020.

Cash and Shift Allowances

Capgemini in India will also provide 10,000 cash allowance to the employees who have stuck away from home in lockdown.

The company has also increased shift allowances of the employees working from home. Before lockdown, 15% to 20% of Capgemini employees used to work from home. But,  post COVID-19 attack this figure is increased to 95%.

The promotions and appraisal scheduled for April will now be effective from July month and probably be declared in June. The company, in any case, not stopping the payments, allowances of any employee.  

Salaries to “On the Bench” Employees

India CEO of Capgemini, Ashwin Yardi stated that “We are giving salaries to our employees irrespective of client availability and bench counts. At this moment and lockdown situation in many countries, we have to look forward to opportunities for evolving our business”. There is no such plan of the business to opt for pay cut at the moment, he added.Capgemini Salary Hike

Even, the company is also retaining its employees who are not assigned any project currently or working under any non-billable project. Mostly IT companies provide the employee with the 2 months’ time to find a billable project. In case of failure to show, the employee can be fired. As per the global scenario, IT companies have 5-10% of their employees on the bench.

Capgemini is trying to prove the employees its ability to sustain and doing all its best to win the trust of the employees in the leadership. Besides this, the company has also set-up a benevolent fund of 25 Million Euros to help the employees who have consumed their medical insurance limits.

Capgemini SE is a France based Multinational Corporation that provides consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services. It is headquartered in Paris, France. As on the year 2018, the revenue of the company recorded 1,320 Crores EUR. Capgemini Technology Services India is also listed under Fortune 500 List 2017.

In a recent survey, it was reported that employees at Capgemini rate their CEO, Paul Hermelin, 68/100. This rating is higher than TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)’s CEO, Rajesh Gopinathan. Most people love the strategies implied by Paul Hermelin in Business Development and IT domain. On their website, Capgemini writes “During these unprecedented times, Capgemini’s number one priority is to look after our people and their families, our clients and business partners”. 

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  1. Wow!!! Amazing blog post. Good to see that their are companies which are helping their employees during this covid 19 period.

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