Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are generally considered synonymous, but this is not true.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence means – intellectual ability developed in an artificial (artificial) way.

AI in brief is developing a machine that has the ability to think, understand, and take decisions. Artificial intelligence is amongst the list of advanced technologies in computer science nowadays.

It creates an environment in which the computer can think. It is like developing a computer brain that can think like humans.

Artificial Intelligence

In 1997, a computer system with artificial intelligence defeated Gary Kasparov of Russia, one of the greatest chess players of all time.

According to John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence, it is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs, that is, the intelligence displayed by machines.

Through this, a computer system or a robotic system is created, which is attempted to run on the same logic, on the basis of which the human brain works.

Artificial intelligence is a way of making computer-controlled robots or intelligence-thinking software like humans.

It studies how the human brain thinks and learns while solving a problem, how it makes decisions and how it works.

In Hollywood, films like Artificial Intelligence, Star Wars, Eye Robot, Terminator, Blade Runner etc., you can get an idea about Artificial Intelligence. 

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How Artificial Intelligence Started?

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is very old. In Greek myths, there are stories related to the concept of ‘mechanical man’ i.e. a person who mimics one of our behavior. Early European computers were designed as ‘logical machines’, meaning they developed basic math, memory-like capabilities and were used as mechanical brains.

Artificial intelligence officially introduced in the 1950s, but its importance was recognized in the 1970s.

Artificial Intelligence

Japan was the first to take this initiative and in 1981 launched a scheme called Fifth Generation. Japan presented a 10-year program for the development of supercomputers.

After this, other countries also started paying attention to Artificial intelligence. Britain created a project called ‘ELVI’ for this.

European Union countries also introduced a program called ‘Esprit’. But as technology advanced and calculations became complex, the concept of artificial intelligence also changed. Under this, efforts were made to develop them like human behavior, so that they would be able to do more and more human work in the way we usually do.

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Types of Artificial Intelligence

  • Purely Reactive
  • Limited Memory
  • Brain Theory
  • Self Conscious

Key Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Gaming
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Expert System
  • Vision System
  • Speech Recognition
  • Intelligent Robot

Artificial Intelligence also has applications in running a very complex system, preparing new medicines, finding new chemicals, from the mining industry to space, and from the stock market to insurance companies. There is no such vertical of human life left, which does not interfere with artificial intelligence.

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Cautions are also Necessary

Artificial intelligence will change our way of living and functioning. Techniques such as robotics and virtual reality will see revolutionary changes in production and manufacturing methods.

According to a study by the University of Oxford, one and a half million jobs will end in the next two decades in America alone.

Perhaps in the world of Artificial Intelligence, we will deal with employment-related challenges, but the biggest threat will be difficult to avoid.

Experts say that if smart robots would be able to understand humans’ situation and reflex action, they can pose a threat to humanity. All machines and weapons can revolt.

Saudi Arabia’s Intelligent Robot Sophia


David Hanson, Founder of Hanson Robotics, created the robot, named Sophia in 2016. Saudi Arabia granted it citizenship on 25 October 2017 and is the world’s first robot to acquire citizenship in any country.

Sophia’s expressions are just like humans and she can also recognize other facial expressions. Sophia can do all the work like humans and has her own views, except interacting with anyone with her intelligence.

Whenever Sophia is wrong, she can also be prosecuted according to Saudi Arabian law. If another person or citizen does something wrong with Sophia, Sophia can also file a lawsuit according to Saudi Arabian law.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the ability of any machine to learn from examples. Machine learning programs tell computers to learn from examples and take decisions accordingly.

Machine Learning

The computer collects many algorithms and learns to guess better. But now, in order to teach machines faster with fewer algorithms and more common sense, our scientists and researchers are giving their best in labs.

In fact, making such a prediction is more difficult, but with the increasing ability of computers to make predictions, such possibilities no longer seem limited to the imagination.

A machine learning program can make remarkably accurate forecasts. It works on the principle of finding huge amounts of data.

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Examples of Machine Learning

If you buy shoes, the machine will automatically ask you to buy a pair of socks.

You type ‘Credit Card’ on the computer and there are numbers of related ads and offers pops up on the screen.  

In the Hollywood film Minority Report, the policeman, starring Tom Cruise, based on information received from three seemingly extraterrestrial powers, apprehends future criminals before breaking the law.


Google CEO, Sundar Pichai says that we have learned to use fire and electricity for the benefit of humanity, but it is necessary to overcome its bad aspects. The same way we have to overcome the bad impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The creation of Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest events in the history of our civilization. But the truth is that if it does not find a way to avoid its risks, then it can have serious consequences because, despite all the benefits, artificial intelligence has its own dangers.

Overall, the rise of a powerful artificial intelligence can be beneficial and harmful for us, that is why more research needs to be done in this context.

Whereas, machine learning is a milestone in optimizing the user experience and making the machine capable of choosing the best out of the available alternatives.

In the growth of the E-commerce era, machine learning helps in identifying and offering the number of alternatives to customers.

Hence, it is time to accept that the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning would become an essential part of our daily life, soon. Do you also agree with me?

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