What is FIntech

What is FinTech? A Modern Day Boon!

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What are the future trends in technology? Do you exactly know what is Fintech??? What will be some consistent in-demand professions in the information technology industry in the near future, now that everything is handheld with a device? Here is the key……..

Undoubtedly, this is high time when transcending professionals should develop and align their skills in a way to cater to the technology market and demanding trends. While researching technology market trends, eager minds always take a stroll amongst domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin, Machine Learning, FinTech, BlockChain, Big Data and many tributaries. But, if I were to express my opinion, I’d any day declare FinTech as the most valuable player in this humongous game.

What is Fintech????

Now coming down to the subject, what is FinTech? I’d say when you surf across an e-commerce website and order something for yourself, and then go through an end to end transaction simply by a few clicks and touches, that’s FinTech for you. When you check the stock’s current value, buy a number of them, analyze them, trade them off for profit, the profit gets automatically transferred to your bank account, that’s FinTech for you.
What is Fintech
Carrying an entire digitized detail of your bank account in your pocket? That’s FinTech for you. Summing it up but not just limited to this, financial technology or FinTech is an umbrella for an end to end transaction’s processing over cloud services and platforms on the Internet.


FinTech is not really confined to just some streamlined applications. When engineered with some engines of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, BitCoin, and their derivatives, it can yield really innovative and game-changing solutions to modern-day problem statements.
It is the vast feasibility of this enormously powerful domain that helps me conclude, the day is no longer away when this technology is going to grasp a huge share of the economy and it won’t be surprising to have its roots planted in cryptocurrencies too, holds a vital position in reshaping financial decisions of various aspects and revolutionize the entire concept and foundation of the investments planned and put in by the global financial and technological sector.
Do you also think that Fintech will help in boosting the paralytic economy? I am extremely eager and equally happy to respond to your comment and reviews on the topic.  
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