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World Hand Hygiene Day 2020 for Nurses and Midwives


World Health Organization is celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day 2020 on 05 May 2020, Tuesday. WHO is encouraging people around the world to celebrate nurses and midwives around the world. It is a kind of thanksgiving campaign. The theme of the World Hand Hygiene Day 2020 is “SAVE LIVES”.

Why WHO is Celebrating World Hygiene Day 2020?

The objective of the Global Hand Hygiene Day campaign is to encourage people across the globe to understand the importance of handwashing during this critical pandemic situation. The motto is to inspire people to regularly wash their hands to reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections.

Hand Wash >>>>>>>> Clean Care >>>>>>>> Prevent Infection

As part of this campaign, WHO and partners aim to:

  • Prioritizing the hand hygiene across the globe
  • Inspiring hand hygiene
  • Promoting clean care
  • Preventing the spread of infections

This campaign also encourages managers and leaders aware of providing safe work environments for nurses and improves staffing levels. One of the objectives also looks upon the prevention of infection amongst medical workers especially, Nurses and Midwives. This campaign aims to encourage leaders to empower nurses and midwives in providing clean care. However, this campaign also drives through the United Nations Global Call to Action on promoting handwashing.

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How World Hygiene Day 2020 would be Celebrated?

The plan for celebrating the day includes:

  • Sharing of the campaign strategy on websitesNurses and Midwives
  • Promoting the campaign materials
  • Participating in WHO’s #SafeHands Challenge
  • Clapping for nurses and midwives at noon on 5 May. This would be exercised to give regards and thank the Nurses and Midwives and the world. This is done to recognize their critical role in the fight against COVID-19 and delivering clean care throughout.
  • Posting of pics and videos on social media channels with hashtags like #HandHygiene and #SupportNursesandMidwives.
  • Singing the songs

Calls to Action (As guided by WHO)

  • Nurses: “Clean and safe care starts with you.”
  • Midwives: “Your hands make all the difference for mothers and babies.”
  • Policy Makers: “Increase nurse staffing levels to prevent infections and improve quality of care. Create a means to empower nurses and midwives.”
  • IPC Leaders: “Empower nurses and midwives in providing clean care.”
  • Patients and Families: “Safer care for you, with you.”

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What WHO Director Said on World Hygiene Day 2020?

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus @DrTedros

Today is #HandHygiene Day & the International Day of the #Midwife. We call on: -all health facilities – all individuals to stop what they’re doing at noon to clap for nurses & midwives, & to thank them for delivering safe & effective care – especially during #COVID19.


As intimated by the United Nations, clean health care is the most urgent challenge. It is our prime responsibility as human beings to join hands and participate in the campaign to promote hand hygiene. During this tough time, the initiative taken by the WHO is appreciated by everyone. It would be considered as thanksgiving and infection prevention activity. So, this would also boost the confidence of Nurses and Midwives, who are our frontline warriors during the coronavirus outbreak. Are you going to participate in the campaign??????   


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